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Bison Fund is an early stage blockchain focused venture capital fund based in California, with offices in Toronto, Bangalore & Mumbai.
We invest in blockchain companies that are building the fundamental layers of Web3, DeFi, and NFTs.



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Our Thesis

Bison Fund is a Web3 maximalist. We are strong believers in the next internet revolution and have sufficient reasons to do so. In the early 1990s decentralized open-source internet (Web1) gradually evolved into centralized platforms (Web2) with a few tech giants like Google, Meta, Twitter exploiting user privacy and data. The current generation is wary of being bullied by this hegemony. Enter Web3 – a backend internet revolution that uses blockchain to decentralize and democratize the internet. Web3 is an internet owned by its builders, users and creators unlike Web2 where users were the product and builders were the owners.

We believe Web3 is on the cusp of a renaissance with a huge influx of talent and capital pool. We are focused on evolving trends in this space present a tremendous upside asymmetric investment opportunities which we are seeking to fund as Web3 product market fit and consumer adoption advances.

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